About NeoLittle

Who We Are

Neolittle is an exceptional coming together of mothers from different parts of the world, connected by an undying love for their child. Here, we take away the burden of uncertainties, giving you all the necessary information need to help your child lead a healthy life.

Knowing the kind of times that we are in, this is a form of solidarity in a moment where every woman who has become a mother needs support. We provide extensive care routines to help women get through the whole experience with ease.

The Neolittle brand prides itself on its ability to provide a sorority for mothers worldwide to feel loved and valued.

Our Mission

Combined with several hours of personal research, the mission of Neolittle is to enable mothers, fathers, and parents in general. We share the information of personal experience, hours of intense studying, and an official medical source.

We do this by continually updating our website with unique content.

Meet Our Team

We are dedicated to ensuring our content is current, scientifically accurate, and focused on you, the reader. Our team of medical reviewers’ extensive training, research, and real-life experience help make sure we are providing you with information that you know you can trust.

Medical Reviewers

At Neolittle, we are very particular about our duty of ensuring you are provided with correct and reliable medical and health information. Our medical experts’ team comprises doctors, gynecologists, obstetricians, registered dietitians, midwives, and nurses.

Their medical expertise helps us provide you current contents and evidence that would aid your process. They work in close partnership with the editorial team to oversee and release adequate information.

We aim to be a trusted household name where you could always get the right information for both you and your loved one.

Editorial Team

Barbara Nevers

Barbara Nevers

Barbara Nevers is a professional writer, editor, and the most important of them, a proud mother of three kids. Barbara is very zealous and passionate about helping other moms out there due to her experiences and journey into being a mom. She wants to ensure that her children live their best lives, but other children out there are doing equally fine.

Our Advertising Policies

By now, you would realize that we also show advertising because we need to fund the work we do here and make a living. But, we ensure that all the products discussed here are ones we love and have proven to be of great help.

We are not against making some money. We are not also in the business of ripping you off yours unless it is beneficial. Our goal is to help fellow moms and make the whole experience a lot easier.

We would never promote products in our content because of some remuneration from the companies. And we would also ensure you are notified when we are paid to promote a product.

Get In Touch

If you have any questions or want to say hello to us, please always think about contacting us. We are delighted to hear from our readers and strive to respond as soon as it is received.