The Best Bath Temps for Babies

ByBarbara Nevers Updated October 11, 2020

A relaxing bath for your baby is such a heavenly moment for both of you, isn’t it?

Well, if you’re getting ready to bathe for a baby for the first time, there are a couple of tips you should definitely know and must already be wondering about, hence reading this article.

Keeping the ideal temperature for the bath is such an important factor in order for the bath to be fun and never scary or harmful. Your baby’s skin is very soft and sensitive,  hot temperatures can cause dryness and burn your baby, even with third-degree burns in the worst scenario.

The right temperature for a soothing, fun bath will be between 98,6° – 100 °F or 37°-38° C.

With water in this temperature range, the bath will soothe and relax your baby, leaving them for a long nap or good night’s sleep.

Read along for more tips regarding baby first baths and fun bathing time.

What is the Best Bath Temp for Babies and Infants?

As mentioned before, bath time is fun. It is so soothing and new for a newborn, and when more grown, it will turn into a fun activity, splashing all around.

Water, was once, their original home, and getting in touch with this will reassure them just like once in the womb.

Now that you know that the ideal temperature is  98,6- 100 °F° or 37°-38° C try to achieve this temp every time you draw the bath, because it is not too cold and not too hot. It is just right.

Consequences of water being too cold or hot, can either have your baby getting a sudden cold or a burn. We don’t want either of those.

This temperature is comforting, tranquilizing, and will not put your baby in any harm.

Ways you can Measure the Bath’s Temperature

There are a few ways you can measure the temperature in your baby’s bath.

One of the ways is keeping a thermometer handy for the rest of the bath

This way you’ll know if the water is getting too hot or cold. Some thermometers are designed to be cute little bath toys, which can swim around in the water and your baby can even play within total safety.

Feeling with your skin

But not just any skin, and you may recall your mom doing this motion when you were a baby or a toddler.

Check the temperature with your elbow, not with your hands. When touching the water, it shouldn’t either feel hot or cold.

Why not hands? Because the skin on our hands is very different from the skin on our arms, legs, and other parts of the body since each serves a different function. Hands are not good judges of temperature since the skin is thicker here. However, the skin around the elbow area is thinner and resembles more like what your baby may feel.

If you really want to get a perfect bath drawn with the perfect temp, we recommend you turn on the cold water first and then level the temperature out with hotter water, but without turning the cold tap off, this one should be turned off last.

After this, make sure you mix the water around well, to avoid stagnant hot spots in the tub.

Now, don’t put your baby into the bath until the water is turned off, as the water’s temperature can change after seconds.

Solutions for Drawing the Perfect Bath for your Baby

There may be other factors you can think about in order to keep bath time safe, fun, and relaxing.

1.Plumbing solutions

There are various plumbing solutions you can make in order to achieve the perfect temperature. Especially if you plan on having more kids in the future. You can ask your plumber about fitting a mixing valve if you have two separate hot and cold taps. This will make it easier to achieve the recommended temperatures.

2.Set the Max Temp to 50° C or 122° F

​Have the hot water plumbing system adjusted to set the max temperature to 50° C or 122°F.

Small children or babies can get third-degree burns from hot water and prevention is always a good idea. This is a potentially fitting plan if you are able to accommodate your plumbing system and anyone who is able to do it, should, for convenience purposes and safety.

Solutions For Drawing The Perfect Bath For Your Baby

3.Keep the Room Warm Too

Keep the room warm by closing doors and windows in the bathroom, or anywhere you’re bathing your baby. Especially in winter, if you have some sort of heating system, make sure you turn it on, but not on too high. Just the right temp in order to avoid too much vapor. Remember, that although the water in the bath may be warm enough, your baby will lose heat in their body once taken out of the water or if in there for too long. Be sure to have a smooth, warm hooded towel ready to dry and change into as soon as you’re done.

4.Safety Covers for Taps

For your future kids or once they reach toddler age, we recommend you use safety covers on your taps.

Teach your baby not to touch these taps as they grow older and able to function with certain objects. It is dangerous to even have the possibility of your baby scalding themselves even if you’ve looked away for just a second.

5.Don’t Leave Your Baby Alone

Don’t leave your baby or toddler in the bath alone. This is a huge no-no. As they grow older and confident you might want to leave them for a minute, but for precaution, it is better that you don’t.

Let’s Get Ready for Bath Time!

It might be a bit nerve-wracking to draw the first baths for your baby with the right temperature and safety measures you’ll need to take. But once you get the hang of it, we promise it will be a pacifying bonding experience. It will be fun and filled with memories.

Babies love to play and believe it or not, the reminiscence of the soothing ness of the womb they once were in. They truly love it. As a mom, or a dad, be ready to sit beside the bathtub for some time and enjoy yourself too.

Don’t forget to keep all the elements necessary nearby: Towels, toiletries, and warm clean clothes. Try to keep your phone with you, just in case it rings, because by no means should you be away from your baby during bath time. However, if you need to run out, scoop your baby up in a towel and take them with you.

All in all, bath time is a fun time! Enjoy this stage of your baby’s life, it is truly rewarding.


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