How To Choose A Safe Baby Bath Seat

Barbara Nevers Updated May 28, 2020

How To Choose A Baby Bath Seat

Bath-time for your baby can be a bit stressful, especially if your baby is having a difficult time. Good thing there is a very useful baby accessory that helps things not get out of hand–the baby bath seat. Using this baby bath accessory will not only make it easier for you to properly bathe your baby, but it can also work as a safety net.

Another good thing about a baby bath seat is that you can set it anywhere, even your regular bathtub

Read on to find some tips on how to choose a good baby bath seat as well as some safety tips while using it.

How To Choose A Baby Bath Seat


1/ New or Old Baby Bath Seats?


You might be tempted to get an already-used baby bath seat when you browsed new baby bath seats and found them very expensive. We are here to tell you to put that idea behind you because buying used has a lot of safety hazards.

First off, you do not know if that baby bath seat still maintains its integrity. More than that, there are sanitary reasons.

Of course, you are going to put your baby there and you do not want your baby to be exposed to harmful substances. With that in mind, always buy new just to be on the safe side. This way, you can be sure that everything is working great and is of high quality.

Important Safety Standards


There are safety standards for baby seats that were released in 2010, so it would be ideal if you can find a baby bath seat that was manufactured around that date.

One of these standards that changed around that time is smaller leg openings. It helps your baby be seated securely and will not allow him or her to slip and slide.

You also have to make sure that the bath seat that you are going to purchase underwent very strict testing. This means that no amount of movement can tip the baby bath seat over.

Furthermore, the baby bath seat should have labels and warnings directed for parents, like the warning that you should never leave your baby unattended while he or she is in the baby bath seat.

2/ Features of the Bath Seat Ring

Features Of The Bath Seat Ring

Smooth Surface​s

Always make sure that the surfaces of the baby bath seat are smooth. You do not want your baby’s skin to get snagged on some​bath soap​​​thing rough which can potentially scratch and hurt them. At the same time, having rough surfaces can cause bath soap buildup which can be dangerous for your baby, possibly causing him or her to slip in the seat.

Secure Attachments


There are going to be adjustable latches on the seat which you can use customize. You have to check if they are properly placed and that there are no sharp pieces that your baby will be exposed to. More importantly, these latches should properly hold your baby in a secure way.

Age and Weight Limits


Check if there are any specific instructions from the manufacturers regarding age and weight limits. More often than not, most baby bath seats have a low weight limit. If it’s a bit too snug for your baby’s size, it can be a bit difficult to clean around those cute baby fat rolls.

There are also indications regarding age and the developmental stage of your baby. For example, many instructions say that you should stop using the baby bath seat if your baby can already stand up.

3/ Is a Baby Bath Seat Essential?

Before purchasing a baby bath seat, you really have to ask this question. You should not purchase one if the situation does not really call for it. If your baby lays still or sits still while he or she is being given a bath, then you really do not need to buy one.

On the other hand, if you really cannot get anything cleaned because of a wiggly baby, then you might consider purchasing one.

Keep in mind that it is estimated that at about four to six months, your baby can already sit by himself or herself. Therefore, it is not too long before he or she can stand up. If this is the case, then it is time to say goodbye to the baby bath seat.

Prioritize Safety

4/ Prioritize Safety

Even though you have a reliable baby bath seat, always remember that it is still better to take your baby’s safety into your own hands. This means that you should never leave your baby alone while he or she is in the baby bath seat.

You also have to make sure that the bathtub water level is not too high because your baby can drown even with two inches of water.

Final Words

Those are some pieces of advice that you can consider before buying a baby bath seat.

Keep in mind that your scrutiny should be focused on the design, safety features, and overall construction of the seat.

Further, remember that safety should always come first. Even if you think that having a baby bath seat can make bath time with your baby a lot easier, if you ever feel that it might be risky for your child, then do not use it.


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